Wholesale and Private White Label Manufacturing

Custom Label Pheromone Manufacturing - Our laboratory manufactures many of the pheromone products found on the web and in retail stores. We can custom label a product for you using the bottle that you choose. Turn around time is about 2-3 weeks from when the agreement is finalized. This time can be shortened if you choose an in-stock bottle and top.

PherX Brand Wholesale - We are committed to developing resale and affiliate partnerships designed to heighten consumer awareness, increase product visibility, and drive sales.

We have structured our business and developed a variety of merchandising and trade support programs to be as supportive as possible of those who resell our PherX products.

Trade support includes:

  • Wholesale rates.
  • Drop Shipment Under Your Company Name
  • A full Refund & Return Policy.
  • Next day shipping, upon request, if ordered before 12:00pm CST.

All PherX products come packaged in attractive high impact retail packaging complete with instructions.

We are always looking for new distributors and resellers of our PherX product and welcome all resale inquiries.

Please Contact Kevin Turner with your request:


Kevin Turner
PherX Research Labs LLC