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  • How to Get Your Ex Back

    For every wave that crashes on the beach shore, another relationship is over. Such is the speed which our relationships seem to end in these modern times. Even though society expects us to adjust pretty quickly, in practice it seems to take much more time for that realization that it’s over to finally hit home. This is merely a fact that we all have to deal with and for the most part, both sides seem pretty okay with it, barring a really tragic break-up. In some cases a person becomes much more invested in the relationship than the other and it is because of this that they have so much more trouble dealing with the realization that it’s finally over. If you’re reading an article, with such a title as this one has, then you’re probably in this very situation. Either you’ve been broken up with, or in rare cases, you did the breaking up and now regret your decision. Whoever pulled the trigger, the point is now you want to know whether it’s possible to get your ex back. Well, the tips herein should help you on the way towards discovering whether it’s possible to get your ex back or not.

    Before reading on, you need to know that in some cases, your ex is completely lost to you, there’s nothing you can do to get her back. The good news is, you’ll know in your heart of hearts whether this is the case that you’re in or not. Did you lose her in a huge fight or were you abusive to her emotionally or physically? Did she seem very resolute when she broke it off or did it seem pretty open ended? How hard did you fight when she originally told you? Maybe you were the one that broke it off. In this case, how did she take the news? Did she take it in stride or did she seem horrified to hear it? All of these questions are ones that you’ll need to answer if you hope to answer the question of whether you can get her back or not.

    To keep things short, basically, if you were the one that broke things off and she was sad to hear about it, then you’ll always have a chance getting her back. If she was the one that broke things off but she seemed genuinely sad to be saying it and her words were truly heartfelt then you’ll know that there is a possibility that you can still resolve things. The less amicably things ended, the better for you. If you don’t feel that this applies to you, don’t even try. Save yourself a lot of pain and heartache and don’t go down a road that you know will end in ruin. If you think that you really still have a shot with her, if your relationship was just the bees knees when you were together, if you would prefer her to be in your arms rather than anyone else’s, and you know she feels the same way deep down, then keep on reading and see what you can do.

    The first thing you’re going to need to do is determine whether she’s in a relationship or not. Social networking makes this easy. Does she have a facebook or twitter where she posts updates about her life, or maybe even pictures? If so, are there any new men in her life? You’re guaranteed to catch one, but if not, just ask a mutual friend to be certain. If she does have a new boyfriend then you’re going to want to see what you can do to keep her more interested in you, but if not, then it should just make this step easier.

    First of all, you need to re-establish contact. You need to make sure that you two can still be friends or that she still considers you to be friends. Try going out with her more often (once you’ve passed the point of grieving of course) and just insert yourself into her life as much as possible. Even if she has a boyfriend, she has to know that you’re still committed to getting her back.

    Once you’ve established that you want to be a really big part of her life again, you’re going to need to remind her why your relationship was so great. You can’t just make a move from the beginning because you will be rejected. What you need to do is just show her the smartest, wittiest, most charming and interesting side of yourself and let her know what she’s missing out on when she goes out with someone else. She needs to know on a subconscious level that by not going out with you, she’s missing out on something. Once you’ve sufficiently let her know that she should miss you and want you back, there’s one final step you should take.

    If you’re going to try to accomplish the impossible and make your ex-girlfriend love you again, you’re going to want to take every shortcut and go for every source of help you can get. The best thing you can do right before you let her know your true feelings again is to put on some PherX  or similar pheromone product. There are a few that do the trick, PherX is merely mentioned because they have the best reviews and highest concentration of real pheromones, but all you need to do is throw on some pheromones.

    When she gets a whiff of the pheromones, she will immediately remember that strong sexual urge that she had for you as well, and it will be re-awakened in her like mad. She rejected you before, but all of the activities you’ve been doing with her lately combined with her sexual lust at this moment should allow you to be completely honest with her and just tell her how you feel and that you want to get back together. If all of this leads to a firm “no” still then you took your best shot and it’s time to give up. However in many cases, this will actually lead to a yes, and you will have your girlfriend back again. Congratulations.

  • How to Attract Women

    Let’s face it, these days dating just seems harder than it used to. Back in the day, kids would have their marriage ceremonies straight after their graduations, and would stick together forever. These days relationships last about as long as a stick of butter in a Paula Deen video. Back then, it wasn’t hard to attract a woman, because what was more attractive than your outer appearance was the thought of being in love. In those days both men and women alike were willing, even eager to begin a relationship with someone with the full knowledge that they were probably going to get married and live together for the rest of their lives. Getting married and having kids was a bragging point that people used, and the very thought of being with someone was more important than the person that you were with, in those days.

    These days as you’re probably aware long term relationships are a lot less superficial, and lots of research and lots of preliminary dating must be done before a person will even entertain the possibility of staying with you for a longer period of time, much less marry you and be with you forever. Naturally with that apprehension and practicality associated with the dating scene today, you are less likely to get someone to approach you out of sheer desire for love and attention. Whether you’re more interested in a one night deal, or whether you want to find love yourself though, you’re going to need to count on more than an emotional appeal to make sure that women are interested in you.

    The bombardment of media on our culture doesn’t help much with most men’s prospects for finding women either. All of the cologne commercials and fashion runway shows depicting men with rock hard abs and beautiful thick flowing hair do not depict realistic images of average men, and yet women latch onto these images just as much as men latch onto images of anorexic women with fake breasts. This makes it much more difficult for an average man to compete with the images of the perfect man lurking around in the minds of the average women. You could certainly try to explain to them why socially constructed artificial views of men are the only thing keeping them from falling in love with you. You could explain to the woman of your dreams that the aspirations she has for more attractive men force her to wildly overestimate her own level of attractiveness, and that you are the best that she’ll ever get, but face it, while all of it may be true, it’s not going to have her falling all over herself to kiss you afterwards.

    If you really want to attract women, you have two options, get a gym membership and dedicate your life to working on your body and toning your muscles, or take the secret route. The problems with the gym idea are many. First of all, gym memberships do not come cheap. It takes a lot of extra cash to be able to sustain a gym membership and on top of that it takes a lot of extra time to actually go to the gym and work out for hours on end. You will need to keep to a strict regimen and diet in order to make sure that you get the most for your time and money that you spend in and on the gym. You will also need to expect to not see results for a very long time. But maybe you’ve got a date coming up soon and you just want that little extra kick it takes to really make a woman interested in you. Or maybe you’re just going out for a night on the town and want to have a little more success at picking up numbers. In the case of a gym you’re going to need to postpone that date for at least a year while you make sure that your muscles are up to snuff. You can put yourself through all of that physical, mental and financial stress if you want, or you can take the secret route mentioned above.

    What is the secret route to making women attracted to you? You might be surprised to hear that the answer is pheromones. Pheromones are a chemical secreted naturally in sweat that, when sniffed by members of the opposite sex, communicate instantly with the hypothalamus gland in the brain. The hypothalamus is one of the most important parts of the brain because it deals with things like emotions and memory, but most importantly in this case, sexual impulses. This communication that the pheromones have with the brain makes the woman instantly and completely subliminally attracted to the person that the scent is coming from; making pheromones your ticket to making sure that you can attract women.

    Even something as simple as pheromones has a catch though. The catch here is the fact that pheromones usually do not work for you because your body simply doesn’t produce enough. There are so many thoughts going through the brain at once that when a few pheromones enter into it in such a low concentration, their communication can be pushed to the side mentally in favor of thinking about something else instead. It’s going to take a little more power than that in order to really get some women to notice you, and unfortunately due to standards of sanitation and cleanliness, simply sweating more isn’t going to cut it either. If it is so hard to really harness the power of pheromones then why even mention them? Well, the fact is, scientists understand that your natural production may be lacking, which is why they’ve invented alternatives such as PherX. Those are just two examples of many different products designed to replicate the production of human pheromones. With PherX all you have to do is apply a few drops of the stuff to your wrists and neck. Then, when you go out and try to meet women, you’ll certainly get a better response. Pheromones are a one of a kind proven way to make women more attracted and interested in you. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by.

  • Attracting Women Q&A

    These days, dating is a lot tougher than it used to be, and men have definitely noticed. This is the reason why so many articles on the subject spring up every day on the internet like a new patch of weeds needing to be tended to. A few of them might have a nugget or two of useful information but for the most part anything they say will have already been said before dozens of times in dozens of different formats and locations across the gamut of social media. All of the dating tips are the same, and nothing new seems to be added to our collective understanding when each new one is released. This Q&A will definitely attempt to cover the basics for those that may be total newbies to looking up ideas for attracting women, but we also hope to introduce a new level of understanding about dating that doesn’t get talked about as much. Here are a few questions and answers that should help jog your mind on ideas of how to attract women.


    Q: What do I do to attract women?

    A: Well, there are a few things that people usually try in order to help them in the women department. For one, women are generally attracted to physical beauty. Men are generally much more discerning of physical looks than women are but this does not mean that appearance isn’t a factor for women. Also, getting a sense of style if you don’t have one is quite important to many women. You need to dress well if you want to impress. Also, if you’re looking for something a little more long term or are trying to attract a woman that you’ve known for a while, then start exercising. Many women that you are only going to be with for a short time won’t really care what kind of lifestyle you live, but if you plan on something long term, a commitment to good health can be very attractive. You don’t need to look like a super model, as long as you put in effort, you’re guaranteed to have a warmer response with the ladies.


    Q: I already do all the exercising and already look pretty good, but I’m still having trouble, why is this?

    A: Dating isn’t as simple as looking good. Getting a girlfriend takes a little more work and commitment than that. You have to actually put yourself out there and actively seek to meet people, because they will not always be coming to you. In many cases, advice can be something as simple as talking more and being more open to conversation. Many men don’t even realize how socially withdrawn they are acting. Being in the presence of a woman you really like can sometimes have that effect, causing you to withdraw for fear of embarrassing yourself. Some women may appreciate a quiet man, but if you want someone to get to know you, you’re going to have to talk at some point, and when you do you’ll up your chances at getting her to like you quite a bit. Sometimes advice can be a little more complex. Some men have no idea how to begin talking to a woman. Beyond the general advice like getting rid of all of your fear and inhibitions, there’s not much else to say for this, you might want to take a class if this is your problem.


    Q: But I’m already charming and gorgeous and women still ignore me. What can I do about this?

    A: When nothing else works and all of the proven methods fail, you really can’t blame yourself. You’re doing your best to be healthy, look good, and talk smooth and yet all of the women around you seem to be attaching themselves to losers while you remain lonely. No doubt there’s something about them that makes them super attractive to women in one way or another, but what is their secret? You’re probably wondering so you can harness it yourself. Well, we might not know what their exact secret is, but there’s certainly a way that you can give yourself the upper hand in attracting women once again.


    Q: What is it?!?

    A: The answer to all your problems is pheromones.


    Q: Pheromones? What are Those?

    A: Pheromones are chemicals produced naturally by the body. Some people produce more and some less, but all of them are released through secreting bodily fluid, most commonly sweat. When you sweat you produce chemicals that when sniffed by members of the opposite sex, cause them to become crazy about you. There’s a lot of science behind it, but to keep it short, basically these chemicals send subliminal sex signals to women which are translated into a physical attraction to you. These signals are translated totally subconsciously too, and the smell of pheromones is odorless.


    Q: But if Pheromones are naturally produced, shouldn’t they already be working for me?

    A: Yes, in theory if you produced the correct amount of pheromones then women would be all over you, but most people do not. In fact, most people produce a miniscule amount of pheromones, an amount that would never be noticed even in a quiet restaurant much less in a hot sweaty club. You are going to need a lot more firepower if you want to attract women. Luckily there are companies that produce a product which synthesizes natural pheromones into a cologne that can be worn at any time.


    Q: What are these companies? Where do I get this cologne?

    A: There are actually quite a few companies that do it, each with their own little twist to the formula. There are plenty of different options that you have, but for an idea of the big players right now, PherX is a type of cologne that you dab directly on your skin and PherSpray is a product which you spray on yourself to disperse the cologne. These have been getting pretty good reviews and are also much cheaper than other leading brands, meaning that either of these would be a great place for you to start your experimentation.


    Q: Are you sure pheromones will help me get girls?

    A: Obviously pheromones won’t work for everyone and won’t work on everyone, but it will increase your chances and increase your confidence which may be just the thing you need.

  • Signs That a Girl Likes You

    Men find it hard enough to actually go out and take that final plunge in asking a girl out that they’ve really liked for some time. But for a man to actually figure out whether a girl likes him back or not, he might have an aneurysm just trying to sort through all of the emotions involved. This is arguably the hardest part of figuring out girls, trying to find out whether they like you back or not. Some men will never master the art of it without having to bluntly come out and ask a girl “do you like me?” At that point though, he will have put his entire hand on the table and then the girl will hold all the cards. She has the power to break him, and once a girl finds herself with this power, she can become a lot crueler than she would imagine that she ever could, twisting him around her finger until he can’t take it before she finally gets bored and says no.

    Well, here are a few different ways of telling whether a girl likes you or not so that you never have to worry about what her answer might be again. Now you will already know and you can be confident about it. Girls may be hard to read, but that’s only because their tells are different than those that men usually use. If lover were a game of poker, the feminine side of humanity would be outfitted with sunglasses, bubblegum, and a green visor while the rest of us would be sitting there with our cards face up asking how to play. With a little bit of practice though, you can start to see through those sunglasses a bit and that mysterious outer exterior. There are a few different things that will always tell you whether a girl likes you or not. Find out what those are by reading below.

    The first sign that a girl likes you is how often you come up in conversation or in other areas of her life. In this way, you may even realize that a girl has a thing for you before she even connects her feelings to her behavior in her mind. How neat would that be? But speaking from a purely neutral psychological standpoint, when someone starts to mention you more or starts to have nice things to say about you on a variety of different social platforms, it means that you have taken a larger role in their life. People don’t go around all day talking about their acquaintances. They talk about their best friends and everyone in their life that is most important to them. Once you’ve attained that status of being very important, it can only mean good things. How do you find out, you ask? Find out through a friend of a friend. Ask if she’s been talking about you lately. Get clever with it and you’ll find a way to do it without giving yourself away either. Online social networking sites also make it extremely easy to do this as well. Just go through her facebook or her twitter and see how many updates involve you. This isn’t being conceited, it’s being practical.

    For a more real life tell that will reveal when a girl likes you or not, consider the way that she treats you in a group of multiple friends. When there are a lot of people talking around you and you are also talking, does she defer mostly to you? How much attention does she pay you overall? If you’re in a group of friends all going out to eat and you need to sit together, how often does she usually pick the seat that is right next to you? This won’t always tell you that she’s got a huge crush on you but it will give you a good idea of how friendly she is around you, and that’s the next best thing.

    Another thing to take note of is how much she touches you. And no smart guy, she does not have to touch you erotically for this to work. If you are just hanging out and having a conversation, does she take every opportunity she can to brush your arm, playfully punch you, etc. As flippant and unimportant as these moves may seem, they’re actually highly calculated on her part and really make a difference when it comes to finding out just how attracted to you she is. The more she touches you the more she’s into you. Just remember that and you’ll soon come to realize just how infatuated with you she actually is.

    Other little things to take note of are how often she gives you gifts, how often she wants to go out on friend dates with you, and how personal your conversations get. All of these are good signs she likes you. But the way to really take your relationship to the next level once you’ve determined that she does like you is to ask her out. To do this, you’ll find that you’ll get the best results with just a bit of pheromone cologne. It may sound weird at first, but companies like PherX and PherSpray have actually manufactured a product that really does make ladies wild about you.

    Obviously if the girl already likes you then you won’t have much of a problem saying yes, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a little bit of the stuff on during a date because let me tell you, it will make her sexually crazy for you. And if that’s something that you’d seriously like out of a relationship or something that you’d be hoping for in the end, then there’s no faster way to get it than through pheromone spray. Pheromones are god’s little back door to dating and relationships and thanks to PherX you can get your hand on the secret cheat code to dating. Congratulations Casanova, you’re about to level up as soon as you get your hands on some.

  • Confidence With Women

    There are a lot of issues that people have with dating. For one, it always seems that women are interested in either guys with incredible unbelievable bodies, or guys with lots of money, lots more than you will ever have. There’s a steep competition and expectations on the woman’s part always seem to be a little bit on the unrealistic side. With all of this stacked up against you, how can you hope to get a woman to notice you? How can you hope to get a date? Sometimes it must seem like it’s better to just give up, right?

    This is an attitude that most average single men feel in relation to the dating game. Of course there are men out there that prefer the bachelor lifestyle, but primarily dating is the process of getting to know someone in the hopes that you can continue to date them and get to know them for a much longer time on an increasingly regular basis. The idea being, that if you like spending a little bit of time with someone, you’ll like spending a whole lot more time with them as well. However, it’s pretty hard to even think about dating someone regularly when you can’t even get your foot in the door in the first place.

    Look at that above statement again “Sometimes it might be better to just give up, right?” That is a perfect example of something that you’d say if you had a lack of confidence. People that are not confident in their abilities to get women, in their looks, in the amount of money that they make; these are the types of people that say things like this. When you look at it from that perspective, all of the problems listed above melt away, and what you’re left with is a sniveling coward who isn’t getting women, not because they keep rejecting him, but because he’s afraid of being rejected at all, so he doesn’t even try. You have to put your best foot forward and really try to get some attention from women if you hope to succeed, and remember, you can’t succeed at all f you don’t even try. Sure opening yourself up to a girl comes with the chance of her turning you down, but it’s also the only opportunity you’ll ever have to get a yes answer as well.

    Once you realize that the reason you aren’t doing so well is a lack of confidence, it starts to be a lot easier for you to come up with ways to help yourself and help your chances at getting a girl. First of all, you need to do a real appraisal of all of the relationships you see around you. Look at all the men you know that are in relationships and try to appraise their attractiveness as objectively as you can. There are some men out there that simply don’t look that great, and yet they have extremely attractive girlfriends. How does this happen, you might ask? Well don’t worry about it. The sooner you stop being concerned with other people and their successes, the sooner you can focus on your own priorities. This exercise is just mainly meant to help you realize that you don’t need to be the most attractive man in the world to get a date, in fact you can be pretty average and still have a good looking girlfriend. Looks aren’t everything and realizing this will help you put your own value into perspective.

    Another thing that you need to realize is that no matter how many people may be opposed to you, there is always someone that is attracted to your personality type. And in most cases, you will probably have a very good personality without even realizing it. The main problem that unconfident people have is expressing themselves in general. You might take the fact that people don’t talk to you too much as an indication that your personality is not appreciated, but in reality, you hold just as much responsibility for starting conversation. Maybe the reason that women don’t talk to you is because you don’t talk to them. Sometimes you need to start things off if you want results.

    Finally, your ace in the hole, no matter who you are, what you’re like to talk to, or what you look like, is a little PherSpray or PherX. These are pheromone based colognes that you can apply to really get the social juices flowing. Most people are pretty familiar with the way that pheromones work. The idea is that spraying a bit of pheromones on will get you more attention from women because of the subliminal signals they send out when they’re breathed in.

    But the great thing about pheromones is what they do for confidence. Some people will tell you that pheromones have brought them untold amounts of women in the past and have led to sexual contact in all cases that they’ve used them. Some will tell you that pheromone products have all been duds for them and have never worked. But pheromones are a product that to a certain extent, are very much only worth what you make of them. If you go in thinking that they’ll work, even if women aren’t receptive to the actual pheromones for whatever reason, then they will still be enlivened by and attracted to your confident air and the aura you exude.

    There are some people that do not have the organ necessary to process the scent of pheromones. There are some women that need pheromones in impossibly large doses in order to process them. In most cases, you really can’t satisfy these types of women with pheromone products. Fortunately though, the confidence given to you by the pheromones will allow you to stun these women with your personality and attract them anyway. Then there are the women that respond instantly to pheromones. They respond so well, you don’t even need to put on the charm, the PherX is enough. In either case, pheromones will give you the edge you need to make that crucial attempt. Happy hunting.

  • Flirting Tips for Men

    Flirting is an activity that most men leave to women. Just the name of the practice – “Flirting” almost sounds feminine. Buddies often rib each other about whether they’re going to flirt or not when they go out to the bars together. Yet, putting all social conventions aside, flirting is merely the activity of enticing someone that you’re interested in and showing that you might be interested too, without showing them your whole hand. Sure it may sound complicated and maybe it still sounds like something that should be reserved for women, but really, men have just as much need to flirt as women do. Where do you start though?

    If you’re one of the many men that was made fun of for trying to flirt or you just haven’t done it in a while, you might need some tips to help you get back into the flirting game once again. It’s not as simple as cutting in and asking if she’d care for a dance, that’ll get you a slap in the face at best. And it’s also not as simple as flashing a little cash at the bar. Women are not as one dimensional as you’d think and it’s going to take a lot more to impress them than a thick billfold and a flashy smile.

    Girls these days need a man to be many things for them, and a lot of their preferences can seem pretty contradictory. On the one hand girls all want a guy to depend on them. In some capacity they all want to know that they’re wanted, and how will they know that you care about them unless you weigh down on them just a little bit? But at the same time, a girl wants a man who isn’t going to be too clingy, or else they’ll never have time to be independent. Something else you’re going to have to learn is that women want a man who is healthy and exercises a lot. A woman wants a man that looks good and one that makes a commitment to staying in shape. But if you look too good or you’re too healthy then the woman will begin to feel as if you’re too good for her. Either that or she’s going to start feeling inferior to you, which is never a good thing in a relationship. You want to be equal partners ideally, and that would be very hard to achieve indeed if one of you feels inferior to the other.

    As far as money is concerned too, there is a reason girls don’t want a guy with too much money. A girl wants a guy that will keep her financially secure, but she also wants someone who is responsible and has goals. If you have all the money you need, that may come off to her as a sign that you wouldn’t be interested in doing much else with your life. Since financial security is the main goal we all strive towards, once you have that in your life, you may be perceived as “going nowhere.”

    And these are just three of the many different paradoxes you will have to navigate when it comes to a relationship or when it comes to simply introducing yourself to a girl. It may sound like cliché advice, but it always holds true, and always will. The best way to flirt is to simply be yourself. You don’t need to concern yourself with acting like someone you are not or adopting some persona that has nothing to do with who you are. All you really need to do is act as you would normally act around a woman.

    Sure this strategy isn’t going to knock out everyone in the room. It’s going to take a lot more than an article on flirting tips to turn you into a Casanova. But as long as you act like yourself, the types of women that are usually more attracted to your personality type will begin to flock to you, and pick you out of the dozens of other available single men in a room. And these women, like it or not, are the kind that you’ll be more likely to get along with too.

    As far as general flirting tips are concerned, you need to be sure to flatter whoever you’re talking to. There’s always the rare breed that doesn’t respond well to flattery, but for the most part, it never hurts to remind a woman of how beautiful they are, what a nice smile they have, or how intelligent their ideas sound. Also, be a little open to touching her. Brush her hair away from her face while she’s talking to you. Rest a hand on her knee for a second or two, or simply touch her arm when you go to get your next drink or have to leave the table momentarily. Don’t be too touchy obviously if things don’t seem to be working though, or else things could get really creepy, really fast for your poor female companion. Possible the most important thing to remember is eye contact. Why would a girl want to come home with you if you can’t stop scanning the bar for all of the other eligible ladies when she’s busy trying to talk to you? If you really want to get her to open up to you, then show her that her ideas matter to you.

    And for a special confidence booster, you might want to think about throwing on some pheromones before you leave. Companies like PherX are some of the more popular choices, but people have been known to use plenty of others. Pheromone sprays intensify the effect of the natural pheromones that we produce, ensuring that the women around you will be a lot more likely to notice you than anyone else. Throw on a splash of pheromone cologne before you leave the house, and you’ll be sure to make a splash at the club later. Sure regular cologne by Tommy Hilfiger might make you smell good, but only pheromone cologne can have women lining up to talk to you. Whether your game is up to snuff or not, PherX will give you that last little push you need to really attract women like you never have before.

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